Fantastic Chocolate Conifer Cone Cookies

If you prefer a delicious and healthy chocolate dessert or breakfast (sugar-free recipe) to boost your energy in the morning and delight your day, then these crunchy chocolate conifer cone cookies are the ideal meal for you. These cookies are so simple and quick to prepare, plus they contain a few simple and good ingredients like cereals, cocoa, honey, and sesame. Surprise your family and friends with this unique and amazing dessert, here is the recipe:

Fantastic Chocolate Conifer Cone Cookies


  • 170 grams unsalted butter or margarine
  • 100 grams cocoa
  • 250 grams chocolate cornflakes balls (as Nestle Nesquik Cereal)
  • 100 grams sesame seed
  • 7 large tablespoons honey
  • For modeling: a lemon or orange juice strainer/squeezer (or some other cone-shaped mold)




  • First, in a heatproof large saucepan add the butter/margarine and set over medium heat; place the cocoa and allow to melt together, stirring frequently, until nice and smooth (around 2 minutes). Then, remove from the heat and allow to cool down a little bit (2-3 minutes).
  • In the meantime, in a small saucepan, add the sesame seed and apply over medium heat for 1-2 minutes to fry just a bit, stirring constantly (remember – do it carefully, because the sesame seed can burn easily). Remove it from the heat and apply in the cocoa mixture; combine to incorporate.
  • Then, add the chocolate cornflakes balls and honey. Mix with a large wooden spoon to incorporate the mixture. Before forming the conifer cone cookies, allow the cornflakes mixture to sit for 5 minutes in order to soak the chocolate and honey and chill a little bit more.
  • Next, use a plastic foil (so you can avoid sticking) to cover the inside part of the lemon strainer/cone mold in which you will form the cookies. Now, using your hands or large spoon take some mixture and fulfill the mold with it; make a little push and remove from the mold and apply the conifer coke on a flat dish.
  • When you finish all the mixture, refrigerate the cookies for at least 1 hour before serving in order to set.


  1. The recipe is ideal with mini chocolate cornflakes balls, I used Nestle Nesquik Cereal the first time when I prepared the recipe, and the second time I used smaller than Nestle Nesquik Cereal balls, Choco pops was the name. I am not placing products in the article just helping with the choice of a better
  2. Don’t worry if you cannot make the perfect form – you can improvise; however, the cookies will look better after setting in the fridge. But, if the process annoys you, feel free to create a form of your own choice (using another mold).