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Mother’s Heartless Betrayal: Woman Sentenced to 30 Years for Abandoning Son Brutally Abused to Death

Boyfriend's Brutal Abuse Unveiled in Disturbing Florida Case (PHOTO: Law School Policy Review & Kautilya Society)

In a shocking case of neglect and betrayal, a woman has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for abandoning her brutally abused son, who tragically lost his life.


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Samarial Renee Dubose, 32, pleaded nolo contendere to charges including aggravated manslaughter, child neglect with great bodily harm, and aggravated brutally abused case. The judge adjudicated her guilty against her brutally abused child, and she must also serve 15 years of supervised probation. The details disclosed in the arrest warrant affidavits paint a harrowing picture of the events where the child was brutally abused that unfolded. Within the walls of their Florida home, Dubose’s boyfriend, 35-year-old Jason Daniel Godleski, subjected their precious son, Noah Godleski, to unimaginable levels of cruelty and violence. The acts where the child was brutally abused are truly horrifying, highlighting the urgent need for society to prioritize the protection and well-being of our most vulnerable members.


Mother’s Failure to Act Exposes Child to Brutal Abuse
(PHOTO: Verywell Mind)

Shockingly, over the course of three days, during which Godleski was absent from the residence for several hours, Dubose made no effort to check on the young victim’s well-being that was brutally abused. In a devastating turn of events, instead of seeking immediate help for their gravely brutally abused child, the couple made a heartless decision to flee to Connecticut. This distressing case serves as an agonizing reminder of the severe consequences of the crime where the child was brutally abused abuse and the crucial responsibility caregivers hold in protecting the most vulnerable members of our society.

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