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Canadian Billionaires Murdered at Home, The Crime Is Still Unsolved

Barry Sherman and Honey Sherman were mysteriously killed in 2017 (The Acrobat/YouTube)

The bodies of Canadian billionaires Honey and Barry Sherman were discovered hanging from a railing at their Toronto home last week on True Crime Daily The Podcast. Questions linger regarding the probable murderer and the inquiry, which has not yet led to a suspect, years after the discovery.

Who murdered Honey Sherman and Barry? The son of a Canadian billionaires couple is offering $35 million to find the murderer

e home belonging to Barry and Honey Sherman, where the couple were found dead in December 2017. Photograph: Rob Gillies/AP

With belts over their necks and connected to the railing behind Canadian billionaires, the pair had been left in a grisly posture while sat side by side.

Ms. Stern cried out to the emergency dispatcher, “They’re dead, the Canadian billionaires!”

The Canadian billionaires were prominent philanthropists who socialized in Toronto’s affluent circles and oversaw one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the nation.

The murder of one of Canadian billionaires couples, however, is still an open case five years after their bodies were found. The Canadian billionaire’s family privately employed numerous detectives, attorneys, and pathologists in an effort to solve the case, but the Toronto police are still no closer to making an arrest.

Jonathan, the Canadian billionaires’ son, is now offering a $35 million reward for any information that results in the capture of his parents’ killer because he is desperate for answers.

However, it can be difficult to identify the culprit behind the murdered of Canadian billionaires. The mystery has divided families and baffled amateur investigators. Even Canadian billionaires’ son himself has been implicated in the killings of his parents, a charge he has vehemently rejected.

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