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US Owns The Future Of Automobiles Industry, President Biden Say

Photo: Global News

According to Biden, ” The Future Of Automobiles Industry in America is Back,” and as a result of his “Investing in America” strategy, the US will “own” the global auto market.

President Biden’s comments on the U.S.’s booming future of automobiles industry

President Biden got into a vehicle during a tour of the Detroit Auto Show. EVAN VUCCI/ASSOCIATED PRESS

The Future Of Automobiles Industry has been boldly predicted by President Joe Biden, who declared that “American manufacturing is back.”

Since taking office, Biden has pushed for strong “Made in America” regulations, particularly in relation to the American production of electric cars (EVs), EV chargers, and EV batteries that predicts the future of automobiles industry.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when a global scarcity of semiconductor chips halted vehicle production and sent new car costs beyond the reach of many Americans’ budgets, the need for strong and reliable local production became all the more evident and becoming the rea deal in the future of automobiles industry.

However, the United States has accelerated manufacturing and job growth as a result of a number of pieces of legislation, such as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Inflation Reduction Act, and the CHIPS and Science Act which somehow helps predict the future of automobiles industry in America.

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