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Crazy Man Clutching a Six-Inch Knife in Times Square

A man is detained and patted-down by police in Times Square, New York City, on Wednesday, July 12, 2023. The man was photographed approaching a group of musicians from behind while carrying a knife. (PHOTO: Yahoo!News)

A New York City photographer saw a crazy man stalking musicians in Times Square on Wednesday while hundreds of tourists passed by while he was holding a six-inch knife in his hand.

Over the years, there have been numerous attacks on tourists at Times Square

Richard Moore, a shutterbug, told the New York Post that he had seen the man holding six-inch knife on a granite bench at around 10 a.m. yelling and flashing the six-inch knife at tourists between West 43rd and 44th streets on Broadway.

According to Moore of Hell’s Kitchen, “I thought, ‘Oh, this isn’t very nice seeing a man holding six-inch knife and getting close to musicians. The man with the six-inch knife stepped off the bench, dressed entirely in red, and moved up behind one of the musicians, who all appeared to be members of a Romanian band.

Moore, who captured the terrifying encounter of a man carrying six-inch-knife on camera, said, “I noticed he had this six-inch-knife in one hand, and he got close enough to one of the musicians to put his other hand on the musician’s shoulder.” Moore muttered to himself, “This isn’t gonna be good,” as the man abruptly stumbled back and sat down on the bench.

According to the Post, the photographer dialed 911 and waited 12 minutes for police to show there and take the man clutching six-inch-knife into custody. The Post claims that after calling 911, the photographer waited 12 minutes for police to arrive and arrest the man with the six-inch-knife.

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