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Shooting in Southeast Houston Wounded The 7-Year-Old Young Girl

A young girl in southeast Houston is recovering after the shooting in Southeast Houston and being shot twice in what appears to have been a road-rage incident, and her mother is speaking out about the alleged shooter. The mother of Luna Padilla, Rosemary Sabio, said to ABC 13, “She don’t deserve to go through this.” She is only seven years old.

Shooting in Southeast Houston wounded young girl in the leg in an apparent road rage incident

Sabio was operating a red Nissan while the shooting in Southeast Houston on a Sunday evening with Luna seated in the backseat when it came to a stop at a stop sign in the 7500 block of Bellfort near Telephone Road. As reported by Sabio to ABC 13 about the shooting in Southeast Houston, she was momentarily looking at her phone as the light turned green. She continued to drive after hearing a black Lexus behind her honk.

Sabio remembered that as she did in shooting in Southeast Houston, the Lexus driver went to the left side of the road. She again changed lanes to let the Lexus to pass her, but the Lexus driver stuck with her during the shooting in Southeast Houston. Then Sabio heard three shots fired in the shooting in Southeast Houston. Later, Houston police reported that Sabio’s daughter had injuries to her thigh and leg.

Sabio’s car’s side had bullet holes, as seen on video. As witnessed approached to offer assistance, one of them placed a T-shirt to Luna’s bleeding leg, she got out of her car.

When Luna was taken to the hospital after the shooting in Southeast Houston, her health was noted as stable. The girl was released on Tuesday, according to KHOU.

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