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Two New Humanitarian Relief Centers, Designated as NYC Humanitarian Relief Center, in Queens and Brooklyn To Be Opened

Two NYC Relief Centers Set to Open Doors for Asylum Seekers (PHOTO: 6sqft)

New York City is taking significant steps to address the pressing need for humanitarian aid by establishing two new NYC Humanitarian Relief Center in Queens and Brooklyn, according to an announcement made by Mayor Adams.


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These centers will play a necessary role in providing assistance and housing to the growing number of individuals seeking asylum, as the city grapples with accommodating over 52,000 asylum seekers currently under its care. The first relief center, which is located at the Crowne Plaza JFK Airport in Queens, will be repurposed as a long-term facility to house more than 330 migrant families with children, while the second relief center at 47 Hall St. in Brooklyn near the Navy Yard is expected to accommodate approximately 1,400 adults.


New NYC Humanitarian Relief Centers to Offer Vital Assistance
(PHOTO: NBC New York)


As the city witnesses a continuous influx of asylum seekers and relief center, Mayor Adams emphasized the urgent need for support from state and federal partners for the relief center, stating, “New York City continues to receive thousands of asylum seekers each week, and we continue to do everything in our power to respond accordingly, but we are still in dire need of assistance from our state and federal partners.” The transition of these two emergency respite sites into NYC Humanitarian Relief Center aims to provide comprehensive services and facilitate the journeys of thousands of individuals towards their final destinations. Additionally, Mayor Adams, along with Deputy Mayor Anne Williams-Isom, has called on the federal government to grant early work authorizations for migrants, considering the current system’s complexity and the need for the relief center and legal assistance to apply for asylum.

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