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Man’s Body From South Dakota Was Discovered “Partially Stuffed In Bag” And Covered In Maggots

Photo: Jack Berman/Getty

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — An investigation into a man’s body discovered in a forested area close to Sertoma Park is being made public by Sioux Falls Police.

Suspect admits using wood to kill 63-year-old man, leaving man’s body in garment bag

The man’s body was discovered inside an apartment building by Sioux Falls Police Department officers on July 5. Because he hadn’t heard from Bulti, the landlord had requested assistance. Paramedics pronounced the man’s body after police discovered him in a black bag in the bedroom. Near Bulti’s unit, the smell of man’s body grew stronger, and a piece of Bulti’s body protruded from the bag.

The Man’s Body Found in The Apartment

The man’s body was surrounded by flies and maggots, which indicated that the man’s body had been there for several days or longer. The affidavit claims that items such as a broken fan, a knife with an antler handle, and various cords were found during the search of the home.

The detectives noticed a bloody shoe print on the floor, but the track pattern of any other shoes in the apartment did not seem to match it. During the course of the investigation, a witness mentioned seeing a Jewett who had recently started frequenting the flat.

Witnesses claimed to have seen Morningstar Jewett, who was detained on July 4 and is currently waiting for release, close to Bulti’s flat. Jewett is accused of spitting on a police officer and threatening authorities.

Man’s blood was discovered by a detective on blue pants and shoes that matched tread prints discovered in Bulti’s flat. Flies and maggots were all over the man’s body.

Jewett is charged with two violent assaults. As per KELO, Jewett was released from custody on June 27.

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