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The Case Of A Missing Person Named Rudy Farias Takes On New Charges

Missing Person’s cousin accuses mother of abuse, found eight years later, after missing person as a teenager

According to a source, Missing Person’s cousin has accused his mother of abusing him for years. The missing person named Rudy Farias is a Houston resident who was reported missing person as a teenager and was found eight years later outside a church.

Michelle Rodriguez, a relative of Farias, alleged a “cover up” by the Houston Police Department in an interview with FOX7 Austin. Rodriguez told the news outlet that “they are hiding what they knew years ago and they didn’t want to come out.”

When Farias, then 17 years old, went missing on March 7, 2015, his mother, Janie Santana, reported him missing person. His astonishing return on June 29 was immediately hailed as a “miracle.”

At a press conference on Thursday, however, authorities declared that Farias was never ever missing.He returned home one day after his mother made the report, but Santana continued to actively deceive law enforcement and the public, Lt. Christopher Zamora told reporters.

New Information About The  ‘Missing Person’ Rudy Farias Case Comes to Light as His Mother Avoids Prosecution

In interactions with law enforcement, Santana and Farias provided “fictitious names and dates of birth,” Zamora continued. Police also responded quickly to activist Quanell X’s assertion that Farias had told a detective that his mother had been abusing him sexually for years.

According to Quanell X, “That detective heard every word Rudy said about being violated in the shower and about his mother forcing him to play husband and call him daddy.”

According to Rodriguez, the alleged abuse started before the fake missing person farce.

RUDY FARIAS, A “MISSING PERSON” TEXAS MAN, Had A Suspicious Case for Years: Report

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