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Future Husband Is Shot and Killed, Fiancée Says, “My Whole World Was Taken Away.”

Future Husband De La Cerda was fatally shot on February 27, 2018, in an ambush outside his Deltona, Florida, residence.

Future Husband Shot and Killed by Fiancée’s Ex-Boyfriend

Devnani’s ex-boyfriend Greg Bender harassed the couple and sent threatening texts. Detective Chad Weaver discovered Bender’s murder plot after receiving a tip from his ex-wife. The deputies arrived with guns and prepared for the worst, but a male in his early 20s appeared to be suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Unknown Phone Calls Brought Threats to Future Husband

Patrick De La Cerda, 25, was shot four times by a high-powered rifle in the doorway of his house with his father, Max, who was out of town. Detective Chad Weaver and several deputies approached Jessica Devnani, Patrick’s 29-year-old fiancée. Devnani had ended a tumultuous eight-year relationship and met Patrick on a dating app. Their romance blossomed, and De La Cerda ordered a custom-made work of art for Devnani’s engagement ring. Devnani’s mother, Patricia Ronze, described Patrick as a romantic son who loved kids and babies.

The next day, a series of random events changed everything. De La Cerda’s father Max, who was 70 miles away, received a phone call from an unknown person stating they had a package to deliver to his son, Patrick. Max never answered or responded to the call, and Devnani feared the worst due to the disturbing threats they had received.

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