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Shocking Discovery of Horrific Conditions Unveiled During Child Sex Abuse Investigation

Disturbing Child Sex Abuse Case Discovered From Footage (PHOTO: CNA)

Law enforcement officers expressed disgust and horror as they discovered a house of filth and horrors during a child sex abuse investigation in Stillwater, Oklahoma, captured in recently obtained bodycam footage. 


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The footage reveals the deplorable state child sex abuse of the residence, with officers describing handprints and trails of feces covering the walls, urine-soaked carpets, and an unbearable stench. Among the distressing scenes of the child sex abuse captured on the body-worn cameras, officers opened the door to a child’s bedroom to find feces smeared on the walls, a sheet covering a massive hole in the drywall, and evidence of the children’s handprints reaching up to the ceiling, adding to the evidence of child sex abuse. Steven Zackariah Kittle, 35, who was already arrested on a child sex abuse charge in March, now faces additional charges of child neglect. His wife, Lindsey Nichole Pratt, 26, and his mother, Robin Jean Kittle, 59, were also arrested on multiple counts of child neglect.


The investigation began when authorities looked into the child sex abuse claim against Steven Kittle, which led them to the family’s trailer, discovering three children, three adults, and numerous animals living in abhorrent conditions. The children have since been placed in the custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, while the three adults remain in detention. Steven Kittle admitted during an interview regarding the child sex abuse, that he sexually assaulted the 4-year-old girl in the presence of the 1-year-old boy.

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