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Unclaimed Tax Refunds: IRS Announces How to Claim the 2019 Refunds

Unclaimed tax refunds
IRS urged taxpayers to claim the $1.5 billion 2019 unclaimed tax refunds. (Photo: FORBES)

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announces how to claim the 2019 unclaimed tax refunds which is nearly $1.5 billion.

Unclaim tax refunds

IRS urged taxpayers to claim the $1.5 billion 2019 unclaimed tax refunds. (Photo: FORBES)

$1.5 Billion Unclaimed Tax Refunds

The Internal Revenue Service released some relief payments in 2019 and 2020 or during the wake of the pandemic. The agency aimed to help low-income households or taxpayers and those who financially struggle due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a published article in the Washington Examiner, the Internal Revenue Service announced recently that more than 1 million taxpayers should claim their part of the $1.5 billion unclaimed tax refunds and should apply until July 17 to get the refunds.

IRS Released a Statement About the Unclaimed Tax Refunds

According to a published article in Gazette, IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel said, “Time is running out for more than a million people to get their tax refunds for 2019. Many people may have overlooked filing a 2019 tax return due to the pandemic. We don’t want people to miss their window to receive their refund. We encourage people to check their records and act quickly before the deadline. The IRS has several important ways that people can get help.”

How to Claim the Unclaimed Tax Refunds?

The IRS advised that those who want to file for the 2019 unclaimed tax refunds should obtain the forms required to file and request copies from their employer, bank, or other payers who assist in the federal gross income of the individual taxpayer.

Furthermore, taxpayers can also visit the official website of the IRS and go to the Get Transcript Online tool for a quicker process of the 2019 unclaimed tax refunds.

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