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Cash Stuffing Method: How this Turns $1,200 Stimulus Checks into Nearly a Million?

Cash stuffing
How cash stuffing turns $1,200 stimulus check into nearly $1 million. (Photo: CNBC)

A Texas woman turned her $1,200 stimulus checks into nearly a million after she used the money through cash stuffing business method.

Cash stuffing

How cash stuffing turns $1,200 stimulus check into nearly $1 million. (Photo: CNBC)

Cash Stuffing Turns $1,200 Stimulus Checks into Nearly a Million

The global pandemic has affected millions of Americans in the country and millions as well lost their jobs but this became an avenue for a Texas woman to turn her $1,200 stimulus checks into nearly a million. This is after she used the money through a method called cash stuffing.

In a published article Click2 Houston, Jasmine Taylor, now 31 years old, from Texas said she lost her job and held about $60,000 in student debt and another $9,000 in medical and credit card that she needs to pay. However, this did not hinder her to save money and reached nearly a million.

In an interview, Taylor said that she learned about the cash stuffing method through YouTube. She said, “I found cash budgeting and I literally stuck to it. I would only spend what I had in cash.”

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How Cash Stuffing Helped Her?

According to a published article in CNBC, through cash stuffing, she was able to pay her student debt of around $23,000. Additionally, she was also able to wipe out her medical debt and credit card balance.

Furthermore, she posted her cash stuffing method journey on TikTok which became viral. Currently, she has more than 600,000 followers and she turned this method into a business she named Baddies and Budgets. Through this, she sells money courses, budgeting supplies, and other accessories.

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