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Ellen Greenberg: Woman who was Stabbed 20 Times, What Happened to Her Case?

Ellen Greenberg
Family and friends of Ellen Greenberg are asking to reinvestigate the case. (Photo: NBC)

Families and friends of Ellen Greenberg are still asking for justice after she was brutally killed and found dead in her apartment 12 years ago.

Ellen Greenberg

Family and friends of Ellen Greenberg are asking to reinvestigate the case. (Photo: NBC)

What Happened to Ellen Greenberg?

The death of Ellen Greenberg remains one of the most controversial issues in Philadelphia. Her family and friends are still seeking justice and want to reopen and reinvestigate the case after it was ruled before as a suicide. However, they are not convinced by the decision and believed that there was foul play.

In a published article in FOX News, Ellen Greenberg was a 27-year-old teacher when the crime happened. The autopsy revealed that she was stabbed 20 times that includes 10 stabs at the back of her head and neck. And her fiance found her dead in her apartment.

The city medical examiner’s office initially ruled her death as a homicide but court documents revealed that the city medical examiner’s office called it a suicide after a meeting with the police and prosecutors.

Family and Friends of Ellen Greenberg are Asking to Reinvestigate the Case

According to a published article in SYFEED, the family and friends of Ellen Greenberg have been fighting the city to reinvestigate the case. They have been asking the state leaders for an explanation why it was ruled as suicide and believed that was foul play.

Sandee Greenberg, the mother of Ellen Greenberg, said, “It’s hard to believe with the amount of facts in the universe that no one can understand where we stand right now. And the politicians, they are unconscionable.”

Meanwhile, her father, Dr. Josh Greenberg, also gave a comment and said that her daughter was abused and had injuries on her body consistent with abuse.

However, authorities maintained that they found no evidence of foul play and that Ellen Greenberg committed suicide based on the pieces of evidence they have.

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